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Voice Overs by Blake

The smooth and fresh, youthful guy-next-door

Blake Friedman Commercial Demo
Blake Friedman Animation Demo

As a voice over actor and singer, I possess the versatility you need to get your voice over project or commercial jingle done! My tenor timbre is typically described as conversational, warm, fresh, smooth, articulate, knowledgeable, caring, bright, upbeat, youthful, funny, energetic, strong, relatable, professional, plummy, buttery, luxurious, LGBTQIA+, soothing, smiley, crisp, approachable, natural, dusky, engaging, trustworthy, sincere, believable, wry, friendly, and guy next door qualities. 


My vocal age range can fit specs anywhere from early 20s – late 40s.  I'm comfortable with a General North American accent and multiple dialects including: Royal/Received Pronunciation (RP), Mid-Atlantic accent, Brooklyn accent, Bronx accent, Midwestern (Chicago) accent, Atlanta accent, French accent, German Accent, Italian accent, and Russian Accent.  Whatever you may be looking for for your project, chances are, I can achieve it in a highly efficient, skilled, and professional way.


-Broadcast Quality Home Studio

-MacBook Pro 13"        

-Logic Pro X

-Source Connect Standard 3.9 (Username: blakefriedman)

-Rode NT1-A Studio Condenser Mic

-Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Interface (3rd Gen)

-Yamaha MG10 Mixer


I offer next day delivery or same day turn-around for:



_Video Games
-Narration (Medical and Corporate)
-Explainer Videos

VOCAL QUALITIES OFFERED (additional styles and tones available)









~Cool/Hip Millennial/Gen-Z






~Character/Cartoon Voices


Los Angeles/Southern California

London, UK

DB London Logo.jpg
Library Color Logo JPG.jpg

Istanbul, Turkey

DB İstanbul Logo.jpg

Additional Samples and Demos

Blake Friedman - Capitol One
Blake Friedman - Staples
Blake Friedman - TD Ameritrade
Blake Friedman - Lunesta
Blake Friedman - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Blake Friedman - Degree
Blake Friedman - Audi
Blake Friedman - Taco Bell
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